how to be a successful homemaker

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Hi friends.
Inspite of being as a writer , iam also a typical women. Being as a home maker i learned many things about life. Even my passion of writing started once after i enter into my marriage life only .

How it's possible to be as a successful homemaker.
Yes you can ...
Your success starts from kitchen . Is it ?Yes you are the queen of the kitchen. Only u are the decision maker of what to cook , quantity of the food ,and quality of the food. Your role plays here ,as chef , a quality control manager 👍 try to do best as much as possible . One day or another your guest appreciate you directly or indirectly about the taste of the food which you prepared. Theory of management starts from kitchen only. We can easily guess about their mannerism through how they maintain kitchen, or how do they give importance to the taste of the food. Here being as a homemaker you are challenging yourself to be as a successful.

You might get boredom of your routine . Of course everyone . How to overcome boredom of routine life of being housewife.

1. Watch your favourite songs ..or just listen with headset ur favourite songs. Install music application and just enjoy your music.
2. Maintain some plants in the pot arround you . Either in balcony or terrace or backside of home. Enjoy watering it. Your mind automatically refresh by looking into greenish around you.
3. If you are good in creative. Or you love fiction world . Just pen down your poems or stories in online .
4. Just give rest to yourself by sleeping for an hour inbetween evening. So u can start your evening with clear mind.
5. If u are fond of movies just watch short films /movies .
6. If u decided yourself as reader , just spend time with novels and other books.

So likewise schedule each day like this with your favourites . And then see you will say "iam happy to be at home" . And proudly u say iam successful home maker.
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